Three Divine Onenesses
 Union with Christ
 Bibliography of Resources Pertaining to
    "Christ in You" and "Union with Christ"

 Spirit-union Allows for Soul-rest
 Towards a Christian Understanding of God
  Towards a Christian Understanding of Man
 Making the Irrational Rational
 Beyond Heresy?
 Universalism: Forms and Fallacies
 No Independent Self: An Attempt at Clarification
 Law of God
 Grace of God
 Old Testament Believers and
    New Testament Christians

 Dispensational Theology, Covenant 
    Theology, or Christocentric Theology

 The Cross of Christ
 The Blood of Christ
 Christocentric Worship
 Christocentric Prayer
 Christianity is Christ
 Charismata: Rethinking the so-called
    "Spiritual Gifts"

 Concepts and Models of the Atonement
 A Synopsis and Analysis of the Thought and
    Writings of Jacques Ellul

 The Daisy That Posed as a Tulip
 Christ in us; Christ as us; Christ through us

 Full-grace Gospel
 Being and Act of God


 The Etiology of Creation
 The Chronology of Creation
 Creation and Evolution
 The Contingency of Creation
 The Teleology of Creation

 What does it Mean to Be a Christian?
 A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
 The Divine Drama of Love
 Jesus Christ, the Way: Avoiding the Ditches
 God Hates Religion
 Presenting the Gospel to a Modern World
 The Uselessness of Usefulness and the Usefulness
    of Uselessness

 The Lord's Supper
 On Being a Parent
 Some Thoughts on Parenting
 The Extension of the Resurrection
 Christianity IS Resurrection
 Resurrection: Key to Understanding the Gospel
 A Call for Resurrection Theology
 It is the Resurrection that is being by-passed
 The Living Reality of the Resurrection
 Jesus is King
 Heaven: The Presence of God
 The Anomaly of Christianity
 Christianity de facto
 The Dynamic of Christ
 Evangelical Humanism
 Man's Problem and God's Provision: Spiritual or

 Why the Christian Life Doesn't (seem to) Work
 Ecclesiastical Intervention
 Christian Giving
 Scriptural Contrasts
 Money and the Christian
 Rich and/or Poor
 God and I are One


 Christmas Considered Historically
 Christmas Considered Theologically
 Christmas Considered Celebrationally
 Christmas Considered Personally
 Don't be a Scrooge