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He does not sit on a throne on high;
Afar in the distance – way up in the sky
Offering us benefits in the bye-and-bye.
He’s Inside.

He is not a big Judge whom we must fear,
Doling out punishment – year after year.
No! His Being is present and ever so near.
He’s Inside.

There’s no need to beg Him as you pray,
Pleading for His help along life’s way.
He’s with you constantly throughout the day.
He’s Inside.

You’re never alone through struggle and strife
Even though your problems be painful and rife.
He’s right there within you as your life.
He’s Inside.

Whenever you’re troubled, heartsick and blue
And the question arises “What shall I do?”
Just look inward – He’ll answer you.
He’s Inside.

He’ll handle your problems, large or small
He’s always there; you need only call.
He desires to be your All-in-All.
He’s Inside.

He is there within you, and He’s here within me.
He desires to be our sufficiency.
Just open the eyes of your heart and see –
He’s Inside.

--Adapted from a poem by Grace Ross

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