E-Inspiration Articles

These are inspirational articles that we have received from others via e-mail.
Yes, we know that some of them are theologically suspect,
and others are emotional tear-jerkers full of syrupy sentimentality.
But we have decided to add them to the site for the sake of those who appreciate such articles.
Perhaps those who have little appreciation for such need to lighten up
and admit God created them with emotions!

Most of these articles did not come with any authorship cited.
If you know who wrote any of these articles, or whether any of these articles are copyrighted,
please advise and we will give proper attribution or remove.

A Man and His Dog
Will there be dogs and cats in heaven? One should
not be too dogmatic or categorical about such.

A Perfect Mistake
Can God in His foreknowledge prearrange circumstances
to cause what appear to be mistakes to be serve His purposes?

A Special Teacher
Is a teacher intended to teach subjects or teach students?
This story considers the relational element in teaching.

Why Must I Carry This Heavy Load?
Can we accept the fact that sometimes we never know
why we've been asked to carry a heavy load?

Barnyard Ducks
Why is it that Sons and daughters of the Most High
God sometimes settle for something less than God intends?

Blessing of Thorns
Can we see that the thorns of life often allow us to
view the roses in a different perspective?

Burdens of Life
How would you answer the question: "What is life's
most difficult task? "

Cowboy Prayer
Our prayers do not have to be eloquent, but they
do have to be real.

My Son's Friend
Does it sound realistic that a father would let his
son die for another? Ask God.

The Little Boy and the Duck
Don't let yourself be blackmailed by what you have
done in the past.

The Mule in the Well
The situations that threaten to bury us can be viewed
as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Taking Aim
Is there someone that you want to "take aim" and
throw darts at in your life?

Who'll Take the Son?
A father who thought that whoever valued his son
would value everything he had.

Tommy's Story
One never knows the impact one will have in another's
life ­ even in those we might find "strange".

The Choice on the Bridge
A switchman made a fateful choice as the train
approached the bridge one night.

Psalm 23 - Variations
Welfare Recipient's Version, Golfer's Version,
Pacesetter Version

I Wish You Enough
A great tradition of saying "goodbye" by saying,
"I wish you enough..."

How Much Does a Miracle Cost?
A miracle is not necessarily the suspension of a natural
law, but the operation of a higher law.

Robby and the Piano
A "musically challenged" young man learns to play
the piano so that his mother can hear him play.

A Gentle Whisper
Sometimes we loudly demand that God respond, but we cannot hear what He has to say.

Bran Muffins
An older couple dies, and they are given an introductory
tour of heaven by St. Peter.

The impact of our befriending others is often beyond
what we can ever imagine.

Grandma Helen
Grandma Helen had lost her husband, daughter, and
granddaughter, but "adopted" nine more grandchildren.

Atheist's Holiday
A story of a judge's response to the ACLU's
representation of a case against religious holidays.

My Attorney
When facing the Judge, the diabolic prosecuting attorney was countered by the Advocate.

Have You Found Jesus?
What was intended as a joke exposes that religionists are as
needy in what they are looking for as are the unregenerate.

Footprints (A variation)
To everything there is a season; a time to mourn, and a
time to dance.

Grandma and the Cake
The individual situations of life may be distasteful and
unpleasant, but when blended together they produce God's good.

Mahatma Gandhi
What does Mahatma Gandhi have to do with
Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang?

A different "take" on the concept of divine guidance that is liberating.

The Heart Surgeon
The faith of a child that thinks in concrete terms can
have an effect on others.

An act of identification serves as a sermon that will
never be forgotten.

Jesus Alone
A poem by Jim May that emphasizes the importance
of "Jesus Alone" without any accoutrements.

Keep Your Fork
A story of a young woman who wanted to be buried
with a fork in her right hand.

A Parent's Nightmare
Attempting to see the sacrifice of God's Son from a
parent's perspective.

Have You Tasted My Jesus?
"Taste and see that the Lord is good." Such tasting is an
experience that takes Him into yourself.

The Flat Tire
An inconvenient situation provides the opportunity to
learn not to judge by appearances.

The Refiner
Some ladies seek to understand what it means for the Lord
to serve as a refiner.

Anniversary Roses
A poem about roses that kept appearing on her anniversary
even after her husband had died.

First Corinthians 13 - Variations
Paraphrases of I Corinthians 13 for husbands, wives,
parents, mothers, teachers, and eschatological enthusiasts.

A list of Socially Tactful Unflattering Pictophrases
Indicating Dumbness. Just for the fun of it!

You Might be a Legalist
A "take-off" on Jeff Foxworthy's "you might be a red-neck" routine.

Child, You Must Wait
A poem dealing with the difficult time we have with
waiting for God's answers to our prayers.

Whose hands have been used as instruments in the
development of your life?

He's Inside
A variation of a poem by Grace Ross which emphasizes
the indwelling of Christ.

The Wooden Bowl
Parents are teaching their own children how to treat them
by the way they treat their own parents.

God Speaking
We want to hear God, to see God, to be touched by God,
but often do not recognize when He does so.

Puppy Size
Misunderstandings can result from words that sound the
same but have different meanings.

The professor illustrated the work of Christ by having a student do push-ups so that class could have donuts.

Thinning Paint
A less than honest painter is confronted by God and told how to resolve his problem.

God - Old or Young?
A young boy sets out to find God. He finds an older lady
in the park. They communicate without speaking.